sig p320 accidental discharge 2021

If the gangster greed monger criminal Capitalvanians in the gun industry had their products under the jurisdiction of the consumer safety administration all the newer striker fired guns would never have been allowed on the market unless they had manual safeties and a safe take down system. That a shirt tail or jacket cinch cord slips into a holster. The moral of all of this is the reason Sig got the military contract was because they were selling guns at close to cost, they underbid Glock by a significant margin. They did, however, note that when they were contacted by ABC, the company pointed out specific circumstances that were subsequently uncovered in the investigations of a number of these incidents. You clanging a bell that went silent years ago. Instead we see a Sig that is ran by Mr. Cohen of Kimber fame have repeated quality and product development failures. The thing I hate is getting kicked around! The hype leading up to the P365 was pretty intense and the LGS sold a bunch of those. I dunno if its a case of lowest bidders blues or what. In the case of the 320, lightning is striking the same place an awful lot. Anyway my question for $600 would be: Did you have your 3rd wife killed? It isnt the beginner woodworker who loses fingers. He takes your wallet and car and leaves the SIG. You couldnt ask questions. In the former case, you would need upward movement coming to a sudden stop to bump up the drop safety at the same time you imparted rearward momentum to the gun to try and move the striker. U.S. lawsuits The fact is that the plaintiffs will get paid regardless of who did what. I would trust the intelligence of a Gorilla in a zoo before any one in the Far Right. With the redesign, you would have to implement a LOT of force to move the trigger backwards. No picture for me. Sigs suck and my Glock is awesome!. Really? First, clearing a loaded firearm with a finger over the muzzle doesnt exhibit even cursory adherence to the Four Rules. No you haters are not smarter than the US military, who tested the P320 far more than your favorite YouTuber ever did. The one officer in the ABC story had it wrapped in a rag in his gym bag? The claimed mode of failure was that the tab on the drop safety that interferes with the striker movement had been sheered off and stopped being a drop safety. They are being replaced with Glocks. Too expensive to use their customers as beta testers. 3. Happy with my old S&W revolvers, 3rd Gen S&W pistols,1911s and a slew of P226s. Keep the phrase legal momentum in mind. It SHOULD have more engagement width wise, but often doesnt due to things being rounded or out of square. DND/CAF is not in a position at this stage in its investigation to offer insight into the potential causes because our investigation scope is broader than the technical aspect pertaining to the unintended discharge of the pistol.. Watching all these Glock fan boys drool over these lawsuits in their tribal brand-lust is like watching the talking heads on CNN announcing Trump lost the 2020 election. The Nightline segment includes an interview with Major Peter Villani, an expert (paid) witness for Hilton. The cheap seats were $100-$200 and you got to watch Wrath of Khan with Shatner. So park the Cops suck cause they aint gunfighters! bull**it. My elderly aunt drove her Volvo into a parked car, and the yard behind it, and the house behind that, while she was pressing the brake as hard as she could. Strangely the car kept accelerating, almost as if she were flooring the gas pedal. If it were a lowered tier manufacturer like a Taurus having allegations made against them, people would run with it without thinking twice. The real tell is that of all the cases, most are cops of some kind. I mean hey, yelling about firearms preferences online is no more productive than discussing nerdy Star Trek stuff, is it? Everyone remember the video of the DEA agent shooting himself while explaining that he was highly qualified to carry a gun? No, it doesnt. Sig started out rough, but a lot of agencies have decided that their modular chassis system is the way of the future. At the risk of sounding superstitious lets review Sigs latest turd pistol. After watching a friend get killed by a Remington 700 by another friend and the ensuing fallout 31 years ago I decided that I didnt care if the P320 was fixed, it was getting sold. I dont consider the drop-bang issue a failure and Sigs response was actually above any real need, except to perhaps deflect any easy wins for slime ambulance chasers I get that. This guy had been working at the LGS for over a decade and never had an AD or ND, he was the strictest when it came to safety. They passed every state and national drop test requirement out there. It was one of the first ones and was sent back as a voluntary upgrade. It has been flawless so far. The incident with the P320 - a contender for a major Canadian Armed Forces procurement of thousands of pistols and holsters that has a Aug. 3 deadline for industry proposals - occurred at JTF-2's Dwyer Hill training range just west of Ottawa. Whats the difference between a $600 Sig and a $300 Taurus? I dont know nothing about Sigs, I do know any gunm that goes off when I lay it on a table gets sold with a warning and I never touch that brand or model again. If it were the guns, there would be thousands of cases involving citizensbut there arent. The second version emphasized the upgrade to fix the drop safety issue and notes that Harrison believes that problem has been fixed. Yes, conspiracy to defraud is a thing when ones @ss is on the line. One hell of a conspiracy. A few Warbirds decloaking would make me very nervous if it wasnt sci-fi fantasy. But then Im not a federal LE flunky who cant keep my booger hook off the bang switch, either. This leads me to conclude that the problem is not the gear but the moron using it. The pictures on the internet were enough to scare the shit out of you especially his wound in the thigh. And the fact they used real models, and big ones, gives the ships a real sense of heft, mass, movement and solidity that the garbage CGI ships of the new movies just cannot remotely compete with. Neither argument is relevant or very intelligent and certainly not useful. ! only reveals ones immature emotional attachment to an inanimate object, which reveals a pretty childish worldview. The second, longer version of the ABC story again included comments from Joshua Harrison, the consultant ABC hired to independently assess the P320. I know there are those who will vehemently disagree with me, and even disparage me but I have been following this issue from early on, BUT I recall CLEARLY that there have been dozens and dozens of discharges that could not be attributed to operator error and people experiencing these uncommanded discharges both before AND after getting the trigger upgrade. Quit blaming cops or the military, these guns have a serious problem. In 2020, the agent, who is a former marine, was doing his routine training with the P320. This is what happens when you go with the lowest bidder. Use a proper holster and follow other gun safety protocols. Inside the gun, a metal piece called the sear should keep the weapon from firing until the trigger is pulled. That a pistol will be carried in a way it shouldnt (say, in a gym bag or a purse). My gun just went off! Note the addition of ominous background music in the second seven-minutes-longer version (there was no music in the Good Morning America version). Its a novelty, its got issues! At least the Gorilla is still evolving while the Far Right proved to be an evolutionary dead end, one of natures mistakes. As they should. I continue to bet my life on them. Fact is most SF carry what they want and the Marine Recon I know very well who has friends in that community told me many in the Navy NSW program still carry the Mk 25, they don want a striker fired pistol that can hydrolock in water. Thread starter ut755ln; Start date Oct 19, 2022; Forums. Thinking its okay to wrap a loaded gun in a towel and toss it into a gym bag is what we get when departments refuse to hire candidates who score too high on IQ tests. Trigger is lighter than the Glock, it took years of aggressive training to reach the point of acceptable discharges with the Glock. Going on Sigs reputation I bought a P320. Having it as the ONLY trigger pull the weapon has seems (to me) clearly dangerous. So even if, as the ambulance chaser claims, the striker leg could vibrate off of the sear face, it could not discharge unless the drop safety was also disengaged because the drop safety prevents movement of the striker sufficient to make the firing pin protrude from the breech face. Zero in the affirmative. -You plan on getting rid of your P320, great! But just the same- a gun going off from momentum? The problem was strikers. He likens it to a bow-and-arrow, pulled taut. 19 Feb 2021 | By Matthew Cox A former U.S. Marine and federal agent has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Sig Sauer Inc. alleging that his holstered Sig P320 -- a pistol. Really, that JJA ship looks like something the folks at PlaySkool built, its terrible. Im not even sure I would do that with my 92 or something else that can be both decocked and locked. If this were a car, a phone, a refrigerator, it would have been recalled long ago. All those customers who paid $1600 now had a limited function paper weight. Sig Sauer Inc. has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over its P320 pistol, on which the Army 's Modular Handgun System is based. That wont last for long, the P320 (M17 AND M18) are already failing in the field. "It has a clear capacity to fire without the trigger being pulled under certain conditions," said Hilton's lawyer, Jeffrey Bagnell. When he put his hand on the grip, the weapon fired, according to the lawsuit. Sep 20, 2021 613 571 Idaho. So if, say, a person was to accidentally get shot through no fault of their own and need to sue, which specific cartridge/appendage combo would yield the most favorable least pain/permanent-damage : highest-payout ratio? The more someone touches, loads, clears, cleans, holsters, un-holsters, or otherwise deals with their firearm, the higher the statistical likelihood that complacence kicks in. Hey, Im glad theres somethings we agree on! This will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector. Yesterday, a Canadian news outlet, CBC News, published a story regarding the unintended discharge last year of a SIG P320 by a Canadian Special Operator, resulting in injury and his unit withdrawing the pistol from service. And people have a way of looking for ways to deflect blame for those discharges, especially when they stand to lose their job as a result. Bagnell told TTAG that he believes the problem with the striker-fired P320 is an inadequate sear/striker connection (he has images he says illustrate this on his website). You need to deliberately thumb the Pythons hammer back to get that trigger pull, each and every time. Back in 2017, SIG instituted a voluntary upgrade program to replace the original production triggers with new enhanced triggers designed to fix the issue that we and others observed when the pistols were dropped onto hard surfaces. Charlton posted to the online commercial forum Canadian Gun Nutz, describing the CBC News piece as inaccurate and promising SIG Sauer would release a statement. Even if it was an issue with the sear interface, there is still a firing pin safety that will not move unless the trigger is held firmly to the rear. If the P320 was so great then why did special forces go to the Glock 19? Sig makes a damn fine weapon and theres nothing wrong with it. selling the 365 with strikers breaking? Hes talking about trial lawyers recruiting clients whove experienced negligent discharges with P320s and suing the gun manufacturer. And on the flip side of the coin is the decades of denial by Remington on the 700 which Ive seen firsthand. First I have no problem with the Mk 25 or any other Sig thats metal. Second, your claim that the military is dumping because theyre problematic? Once investigated a shot fired into a roll top desk. A plastic gun that has a tendency to go off by itself. No autographs, No self taken pictures. There are a few examples, I admitS&Ws M&P from around 2014 were near junk and I wouldnt have bothered to own one as a trotline weight, but apparently S&W had righted that ship since then. The second accidental shooting happened after police supervisors internally raised questions about the safety of the SIG Sauer P320. Sound familiar? The best take on this subject is by the author himself: this is about slime lawyers looking to build a national narrative and get a few wins in, so they can more easily get the next win and the next one, the next one and so on. I wont argue theyre wrong, I dont own one, dont want to. The Glock fails on both counts. I wouldnt be surprised if she did it intentionally, she clearly suffers from a serious case of media whoring. 2. If these same folks were around in the 80s and got their way, no one today would know what a Glock was. In 2020, the agent, who is a former marine, was doing his routine training with the P320. If it was so bad, why did the US Marines, who had the Glock, drop it in favor of the carry sized P320, the M18? On the other hand, would we also condemn him for violating Rule 2 if the bullet had travelled through his outside wall, entered the adjacent house, and killed a resident thereof, or would we maybe, just maybe, place some blame on the manufacturer who created the pistol? Golly didnt Sig catch he!! Bineau added the review is looking at so-called ancillary equipment (meaning the holster and other items) as one element of that broader investigation. Cops are crap with guns, unlike me, a REAL pistolero! In fact, I dont own ANY striker fired polymer pistol. These officers are not gunfighters. Nope. All chasing that pot of gold at the end of litigation.. Not that big of a stretch when considering the lawyers beating the bushs for clients to add to the lawsuits, and the fact many of them will lose their jobs if its proven to NOT be the gun, but instead negligence on their part. who sells them? Liberal, Conservative. The suit also cites other occurrences of "un-commanded" discharges with the 320 while holstered. With the 320, the striker is in full-cock position, and held there through the operation of the trigger sear and the positive striker-blocking safety. When a consumer product is likely to be operated in such a way that it causes accidents because it is way too easy to make a serious mistake because of human error when operating it the manufactures are told that the machine must be made safer. congrats. TTAG talked to SIG Sauer about the P320 suits and the ABC reports. ruby jean seals biography, cameron county, pa police reports, alana bachelor in paradise plastic surgery,

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